TOUGH WIPES with Scrubbing Beads, 50 Count & TOUGH WIPES with Scrubbing Beads, 10 Pouches, 100 Count- CE Tools®

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Receive a Bundle pack containing:
  • CONVENIENT 10 COUNT TRAVEL PACKS (10qty) - Perfect for on the go, school, work, hiking, biking, etc.
  • 50 COUNT BARREL - Perfect for the truck, tool box, or any place needed!

Both are:

  • UNSCENTED - with aloe extracts and no harsh chemicals
  • EXFOLIATING SCRUBBING BEADS - for fresh hands after each use & extreme grime removal
  • EASY ON YOUR HANDS - Enjoy the exfoliating scrubbing beads
  • ALOE INFUSED - Keeps your hands moisturized after multiple uses
  • MAXIUM ABSORBENCY - Absorb the mess with no transfer back to your hands
  • STRONG & TEAR RESISTANT - Meant for the toughest jobs. These wipes can withstand any conditions and get the job done
  • TOUGH ON GRIME - This wipe is built to handle the toughest of scenarios and jobs